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Opinion Piece: Songs for the Girls of HBO's Girls by Jojo Richard Mitten

Throughout the series, each of The Girls from HBO’s The Girl have a distinct music palette characterized by their character’s characteristics.

The first girl of The Girls on HBO’s the Girl that I will focus on for this article is Lena Dunham’s Girl, Hannah Horvath. As one of the four girls on Judd Apple Towel’s Lena Dunham’s HBO’s The Girl, The Girl Hannah Horvath is often pretending. If I remember correctly, there are several instances of The Girl, Hannah Horvath, pretending to be that

which she is not. One instance I recall which occurred when The Girl, Hannah Horvath, and The Boy, Adam Sandler, played by character Actor Adam Drives, are having radical intercourse, the kind you might see in a snuff film.

In Season 3, Episode 10, of Lena Dunham’s HBO’s The Girl, titled, “Role-Play,” Character Adam, and The Girl, Hannah, role-play with each other. For the characters of The Boy, Adam, and The Girl, Hannah, this was their time to pretend. Now, it is only fitting, that Management’s hit track, The Time to Pretend, which was featured in the Air Plane episode of HBO’s The Girl, is Lena Dunham’s Girl, Hannah Horvath’s song.

Moving on, I will now discuss the music palette of Allison Wilhelm, daughter of disgraced News Caster, Brian Williams’s Girl, Marnie Marine Michaels.

Throughout Judd Apple Towel’s Lena Dunham's HBO’s The Girl, The Girl of Marnie Marine Michaels waits on the world to change around her. Can someone please explain to Marnie Marine Michaels, that the world does not simply change around you? Someone must please explain to Marnie Marine Michaels, that you must take the change into your own hands. To illustrate this to you, the reader, let us now look, at the third episode of the second season of The Girl, titled “The Bad Friend,” starring guest star, New York City’s very own Artist, Jonathan Booth.

Now, in this particular episode of the series, Marnie, accidentally positions herself as the host of the popular restaurant that New York Artist Jonathan Booth is eating at. Marine has always wanted to work in art, so this is important for you, the reader, to know. In fact, just later that evening, Jonathan takes Marine to his Booth, where Jonathan has set up several of his proclaimed art-booths. Once Marnie has feasted her eyes upon Jonathan’s Booth, the two of them engage in radical intercourse, in which Jonathan asks Marnie to feast her eyes, yet again, upon a doll. Now, as we travel just episodes later, to the sixth episode of the second season of The Girl, “The Boys,” both Jonathan and his Booth return, once again, to ask The Girl, Marine, in a time of crisis, to be the host of his latest New York Art show. Of course, Marine makes mistakes, thinking that Jonathan asking for this help from her was an ask for romance. It was not. Marnie is waiting on Jonathan’s Booth to change, but he will not, of course, he will not. This is why the song, “Anticipating Change for the World,” by John the Mayor, which appears in the sixth episode of the first season of The Girl, is the theme music to Marnie Marine Michael’s Life.

Now, we switch our focus to the third Girl of HBO’s The Girl, Jessica Johnson, played by Aunt Jemima Kirke, heir to the Chicago-based pancake mix.

Throughout the show, The Girl, Jessica Johansson, is a free spirit. In fact, in the season one final, she callously marries Roy, an IT worker who has lost his Irish accent. Where did it go, Roy? Moving on, it only makes sense to me that the song in which The Girl, Jessica Johnson, played by Aunt Jemima, would have the song iT Crowd by Christine’s Queens, as her song.

Now, as you, the reader, follow me, the writer, please know that I am moving on. There is only one girl of the four girls of Judd Apple Towel’s Lena Dunham's HBO’s The Girl remaining. Of course, as you, the reader, and hopefully, watcher of The Girl, knows, the remaining Girl is Sharona Shapearo, bearer of a Hebrew first name, played by Zawsha

Marmot, daughter of proclaimed film director, screenwriter, author, playwright, winner of Pulitzer’s prize, as well as the recipient of Tony’s Nominee Award for his play, Garry Garry Ross Ross, Davey Marmot.

As we move on to the music, I think to myself, what I know you, the reader, is thinking as well: If Sharon and her off screen counterpart, Zendaya Marmite, are both individually Jewish, then we, as the peace keepers, must pair her with a popular German song. It is my understanding that the Holocaust is now over, and I am thankful for this, but we must now work on repairing the broken pieces of the relationships. If you have followed my logic thus far, you have probably guessed to yourself now, that the song for The Girl, Menorah Shapedarrow played by Zooey Kravitz, is the german pop song “Nine hundred and 9 Loft Balloons.”

I will conclude the article with this: There were 6 million Jewish individuals, and there are nine hundred and 9 balloons all together. Now Nina, I say to you, that all that you must do for me is this, to please find five million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand and ninety-one balloons.

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